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Welcome to the Holy Cross Covid-19 Connections

Covid-19 Info Holy CrossThis page serves as a go-to place for Holy Cross information related to Covid-19. You can access this page via the parish's home page. Click the button (like the one in the image at the right); it's located near the center of the parish's home page. 

Included will be information that parishioners have been submitting related to living and thriving within this Covid-19 environment, as well as parish updates related to Covid-19.

Content provided by Fr. Bart, our Pastoral Council and other members of the parish will also be posted here. Check in regularly.

Parish communications will also be sending periodic enewsletter updates by email. If you are not receiving messages from the parish, please send a note to communications@holycrossdurham.org with your name, street address and preferred email address, so that we can update our communications distribution list.

Our goal is to provide helpful and accurate information to keep you informed regarding Covid-19, and to help us all to stay connected as a parish family. 

Livestreaming Mass

We also are striving to livestream Mass to the parish's YouTube page. We were not able to immediately start working on that because Fr. Bart was confined with his fellow friars for several weeks after one of his housemates was potentially exposed. The Covid-19 results were negative and Fr. Bart has returned to parish activities. 

In his homily for Divine Mercy Sunday last weekend, Fr. Bart wrote: 

In coping with this Covid-19 pandemic, we can feel anxiety, frustration, and stress. It is not hard to become a “doubting Thomas”, questioning where is God in all this. ... It may trouble us to think this way and to question our faith, but this gives us an opportunity to deepen our faith.

If you missed seeing his Divine Mercy Sunday homily (it was sent via parish communications), you can view it here

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay in touch. Follow and engage with us on Facebook and Twitter. Volunteers are also welcome to help with parish communications, including livestreaming Mass. Send a message to communications@holycrossdurham.org, if interested in helping. 

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