Liturgical Committee


Welcome to the Holy Cross Liturgical Committee. Our members support our pastor in all our liturgical celebrations through the following roles. Volunterers are always welcome to serve in these ministries and related committies. 

Pastor: Father Bart A. Karwacki, OFM CONV.
Permanent Deacon: Rev. Phil Rzewnicki
Chairperson: Gloria Burton
Recorder: Bernice Bergup
Coordinators, Directors and President of Liturgical Ministries

  • Altar Servers: Jackie Ellis, Co-Coordinator
  • Altar Society: Sharon Baker, President
  • Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers: Fr. Andy Santomauro
  • Intercessory Prayers: James Siewert, Coordinator
  • Musicians: Gloria Burton and Sister Janet Schemell, Directors
  • Readers: Christine Cameron, Coordinator
  • Sacristans: Judy Gardiner and Helen Hudson, Co-Coordinators
  • Ushers: Ronald Paterson, Coordinator
  • Other Members: Marian Thompson and Marsha Thompson

Each of the above leaders and ministry members contribute to the overall decorum and spirituality of our liturgies. Each leader is responsible for recruiting, training, and supplying ministers to fulfill their respective roles especially at Saturday, Sunday, Holy Days of Obligation and other special liturgies. If interested in learning more about our ministries or becoming a liturgical minister, contact our parish office for individual 

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