Why Join the Holy Cross Book Club?

Here are 10 good reasons.

Why join a book club? It’s a question that lots of folks ask – just type the headline for this blog post into your favorite search engine and you’ll get a collection of reasons. Here’s a sampling:

  • Gain new perspectives by reading things that you wouldn’t otherwise read.
  • Meet or get better acquainted with people you’ve only had time to say ‘Hi’ to at church.
  • Get a ‘push’ to the finish (to finish a book you've been wanting to read).
  • Feed your brain ... and books with a spiritual perspective feed the heart and soul, too.
  • Decrease stress – it's a natural byproduct of good fellowship and learning something new.
  • It’s good for all ages. (This Book Club is for the Young Adult through Retirement group ... but you can do the same at home with your children and other children in your life).
  • Take a break from your hectic schedule – or ‘the routine’.
  • Some books just need to be discussed.
  • It’s good therapy as you compare/contrast your life with those of the book’s characters.
  • Snacks are provided.

List compiled from ‘reasons’ posted online by Delia Lloyd, contributor to HuffPost, and writers at BookBub, Bustle, and Writing and Wellness

Feedback from our latest book discussion

The Holy Cross Book Club recently wrapped up its reading and discussion of the book, “Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion,” by Fr. Greg Boyle. Following is feedback from some of the participants.

  • A wonderful book and a wonderful group to share our thoughts and reflections. … I feel like a different person after reading this book. The first time I read it, I was overwhelmed by Fr. Boyle's message that we must enter relationships with the marginalized. It is our calling to become Christians. This time, I heard more clearly: God loves us as we are and we are exactly where He wants us to be. – Regina
  • Enter in kinship with others. ... Have no agenda for fixing their situation. ... In time, margins of being different will begin to erase. – Vicki
  • We all seek community. The challenge is to find – and to be – community that is life-giving, that brings us closer to God and enables us to do that for others. – Anna
  • The short stories in the book opened my heart to several reflections and meditations. Some of the takeaways I have are:

    • A project's success is not left to us. We can only do what we think and believe are the best strategies and approaches to try. Then we have to give it over to God; success is His business.

    • We are exactly what God wants us to be.

    • Wanting to help people change their situations and choices begins with cultivating relationships with them.

    • I look forward to the next Book Club selection. – Ava

  • I need to see more with my 'third eye' – my heart. ... to look beyond the appearance of the indvidual who is in front of me ... to stand in the 'jurisdiction' of God, close both eyes and see with my third eye. Then, I no longer judge, I don't hold back, I do not exclude; I find myself in the space of God's presence. It is a place of endless acceptance and infinite love. And then, the Jesus in me knows better the Jesus in you. – Deacon Phil

I invite you to submit suggestions for reading and discussion via this online form. We hope to get started with the next Book Club sessions in the next few weeks. Your suggestions are welcome, and will be posted here as they come in.  - Deacon Phil



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