Angel Talk and ... Do you 'short-change' God?

Reflection on children's production and ... our relationship with Mass

Two Things: about Christmas ... and every day


Angel Talk

Scene from the January 2019 Youth Christmas ProductionOn January 6, after the 10 a.m. Liturgy, we were entertained and inspired by our Christmas Play, "Angel Talk," which – because of weather – had been cancelled in December. I believe it was fitting to have the performance on the Feast of the Epiphany. Created and directed by parishioner Renee Nixon, "Angel Talk" featured a daytime talk show interview with Mary and Joseph about the birth of Jesus. We thank the many people who put in so much work in preparing and carrying out this perforamnce. It revealed the dedication, talent and faith of our faith coimmunity – especially the boys and girls who portrayed the characters. Such a performance makes a parish and a pastor proud! Please mark you calendars (for the next Christmas season) because Renee has revealed that she has a new production, "A Reindeer Tale," planned. 

Do You Short-change God?

I doubt if anyone of us likes to be 'short-changed;' that is, as the dictionary defines it, dealt with unfairly or dishonestly.

What does this have to do with God? We have been placed on this earth to give praise and glory to God. He has blessed us with the wonderful gift of life. We owe him a lot of "change" – actually, our lives! 

We are called to be filled with gratitude and we express this every weekend when we celebrate the Eucharist, the Mass. It has come to our attention that there are those of us who arrive late for Mass everyi week. It is one thing, if we are delayed because of traffic, car trouble, herding several children and emergencies, but it is something else when we are always late for Mass. We are short-chaging God for what we owe him. Our late entrance into Mass can also be a great distraction to fellow parishioners who are celebrating with you. Are we short-changing them of the respect and love we owe them as our neighbor? 

Our ushers have begun the procedure of asking you to wait until after the singing of the Responsorial Psalm before you enter the church. The usher will ask you to wait to join the celebration until before the second reading of Scripture, and the lector will wait for you to be seated before proceeding. I ask you to honor this request for your fellow parishioners as a sign of respect for them and your desire to give God what is His due. 

Fr. Bart

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