A Few Words on the Gospel for the Day

Reflections for the Gospel Readings, for the week of July 26-August 1

Jul 26 Sunday Mt 13:44-52 | To live our life in union with the Trinity by  praying to the Father, walking in companionship with Jesus, and paying attention to the Holy Spirit breathing within our hearts: Is that the treasure to be cherished, the one fine pearl, and being counted among the righteous in the end? We are called to live in the reign of God, now and forever. 

Jul 27 Monday Mt 13:31-35 | May we as faith filled members in a universal church help it to grow and provide support through life’s challenges for others. May Jesus be the leaven within each of our lives to provide the daily bread we need. Continue in prayer as the light of God’s grace helps us to unfold the mysteries of life during this prolonged pandemic. May those who seek a vaccine be inspired by our Lord’s love and guidance.  

Jul 28 Tuesday Mt 13:36-43 | While here on this earth we are growing among the weeds. Distracted by those who would do us harm or set us astray, we press on standing upright in the direction of the sun (Son). We are tested but being of good seed and made stronger by the grace God provides us (loving family and friends). In the end it is the fruit we bear for our Lord which He will harvest. The stalks and residue of that sown by the enemy is gathered and destroyed.  

Jul 29 Wednesday Jn 11:19-27 | Martha reproaches Jesus for not having come sooner as Lazarus was dying. Yet she is challenged as we all are when losing someone close to us. We are to believe and trust in Jesus that resurrection will happen. A life filled with Christ is lived in hope.  This life becomes so rich that it will find death is but the transition to a higher life. 

Jul 30 Thursday Mt 13:47-53 | The church is like a large fish net gathering in a mixture of people, some who are very committed to Christ and maybe some just lukewarm. But it is not our place to judge, that is God’s job in the end. We are to love all equally as sisters and brothers in Christ. Everyone is to be given the opportunity to enlighten their lives by imitating Jesus and to take the gifts they have been given so as to use them as a Christian.   

Jul 31 Friday Mt 13:54-58 | Pay attention to what those close to you may say. The Holy Spirit may be inspiring family members (young and old), neighbors, and fellow parishioners to speak nuggets of Wisdom from God. Do not let familiarity with the person who speaks with you get in the way of something the Lord wants to teach you today. God often prefers to speak through the humblest of his children. 

Aug 1 Saturday Mt 14:1-12 | Herod feared John the Baptist’s influence on the people. He had the prophet imprisoned to stop him. The darkness and evil that permeates Herod’s life results in the martyrdom of the last  herald of Christ’s coming. Lovingly John’s disciples bury him and inform Jesus of the tragedy. Now the proclamation of the kingdom is in the Nazarene’s hands. 

– from Deacon Phil

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