A Few Words on the Gospel for the Day

Reflections for the Gospel Readings, for the week of August 2-8, 2020

Aug 2 Sunday Mt 14:13-21 | “They all ate and were satisfied.” The total of what was collected as fragments was, at least, twenty-fold more than what was started with. When there is need among others, Jesus calls on us to give whatever we have available. It may appear very small in proportion to what is actually needed; however, through prayer, even this little gift can be multiplied. Trust in God. Have Faith that what was made available will fulfill the need. 

Aug 3 Monday Mt 14:22-36 | Jesus, takes time alone to pray to the Father. As God, He has power over all things on earth and forces of nature. He invites us to share in divine life. It can happen now when we pray and receive Him spiritually and/or physically in Communion. He hears us whenever we call out to Him in need or seek connection with him in confusion or darkness. God will rescue us when we pray, but maybe not in the way we might imagine. 

Aug 4 Tuesday Mt 15:1-2, 10-14 | Jesus condemns the ritualistic protocols and rules-based type of religion promoted by the Scribes and Pharisees. Jesus identified religion with the state of a man’s heart. Religion consists in personal relationships and in an attitude towards God and our fellow men. It is Jesus’ teaching that the part of man that matters is his heart. “Man,” as Aquinas had it, “sees the deed, but God sees the intention.”

Aug 5 Wednesday Mt 15:21-28 | This story is the only occasion where Jesus was ever outside of Jewish territory during his ministry. Apparently the Gentile woman was aware of Jesus’ reputation for healing. She was very concerned for her daughter. Despite the typical Jew’s disregard at the time for idol worshippers like Canaanites, Jesus respects the persistent plea of a loving mother. His compassion supersedes any cultural bias. The daughter is immediately healed.   

Aug 6 Thursday Mt 17:1-9 | It is quite clear that Peter wished to wait upon the mountain slopes. He wished that great moment to be prolonged. He did not want to go down to the everyday and common things again. But the story of the Transfiguration is given to us to provide strength for the daily ministry and to enable us to walk the way of the Cross. The moment of glory does not exist for its own sake. It exists to clothe the common things with a radiance they never had before. 

Aug 7 Friday Mt 16:24-28 | Today’s Gospel challenges us to continually orientate our lives towards the heavenly prize Jesus has gained for us. The Christian life is a life which is always concerned with others more than it is concerned with itself. A life spent for the comfort and safety of self may ultimately lose its connection with Christ. Can we ask ourselves the risky question: “What does God wish me to do?” 

Aug 8 Saturday Mt 17:14-20 | Faith itself is a mystery. Even Jesus’ closest followers suffered from lapses of faith. Our trust in God’s power has to grow. An essential characteristic of faith is that it is sharing in God’s thinking. Consider the issue being prayed for. What would our Lord want to happen? Remember God always works from the perspective of loving the person or the object of his creation being prayed for. So should you. He certainly wants the outcome to be good.

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