A Few Words on the Gospel for the Day, Week of July 19-25

from Deacon Phil

Jul 19 Sunday : Mt 13:24-43 | Are we the wheat growing amongst the weeds in society? Be patient and lenient like God the Father with whoever or whatever upsets you. We are to be the leavening yeast that animates others towards goodness. May others with whom we associate rise in Spirit to produce much wholesome life-giving bread. For if we in our little church nourish our brothers and sisters as a body in unity, we become like a sheltering tree attractive to others for rest and living with Christ.  

Jul 20 Monday: Mt 12:38-42 | Jesus is God’s sign, just as Jonah was God’s message to the Ninevites and Solomon God’s wisdom to the queen of the South. The real question is “what is our reaction when we are confronted with God in Jesus Christ?” Do not be hostile as the Scribes and Pharisees were. Instead, humbly accept God’s warning and truth as revealed in His Son. Follow Christ.  

Jul 21 Tuesday: Mt 12:46-50 | Pray and reflect so as to discern the will of our heavenly Father in everything you do and/or decide today. Then Jesus will help you as one in his immediate family. He will be at your side. Embrace the fellowship of Jesus Christ and the friendship of all who love the Lord.  

Jul 22 Wednesday: Jn 20:1-2, 11-18 | Mary Magdalene traveled with Jesus and the apostles during his ministry. Her great love for Jesus was expressed when she faithfully stood near the cross after the disciples fled. To this same Mary belongs the glory of being the first person to see the Risen Christ. She was the first to proclaim the good news to the Twelve. Jesus Christ knows each of us by our first name. Seek His presence.  

Jul 23 Thursday: Mt 13:10-17 | The key to understanding Jesus’ parables is not to have a “gross” heart. Our hearts must be in love with Jesus Christ. Jesus is telling his disciples: ”Outsiders cannot understand what I say; but you know me; you are my disciples; you can understand.” Christianity can be understood only from the inside. It is only after personal encounter with Jesus that a person can understand.   

Jul 24 Friday: Mt 13:18-23 | When you are about to listen to the Word of God, let your heart open prayerfully with anticipation of Good News. Thus, you may be ready to understand what He is teaching you. The seeds of wisdom that are sown need good soil to sprout within you. By such means growth within you can happen and produce fruit. Thus you and those you love are fed.  

Jul 25 Saturday: Mt 20:20-28 | Be “other-centered” rather than “self-centered.” Respond to the needs of others who have less than you. Remember as it says beginning in Matthew 25:34 “Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink …..”

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