A Few Words on the Gospel for the Day, for this Week

from Deacon Phil

Jul 12 Sunday: Mt 13:1-23 | When you are about to listen to the Word of God, let your heart open prayerfully with anticipation of Good News. Thus, you may be ready to understand what He is teaching you. The seeds of wisdom that are sown need good soil to sprout within you. By such means growth within you can happen and produce fruit. Thus you and those you love are fed.  

Jul 13 Monday: Mt 10:34-11:1 | If you follow Christ wholeheartedly, you are likely to be challenged. Do not be surprised if those challenges come from those closest to you. Go forward putting what Christ calls you to be or to do towards the top of your list. Both you and those close to you will be blessed.  

Jul 14 Tuesday: Mt 11:20-24 | Acknowledge the gifts that God has given to you. Be thankful and praise the goodness He has revealed to you in your life. Do not be indifferent to how much you are loved unconditionally by the Lord. Be alert to the presence of God all around you

Jul 15 Wednesday: Mt 11:25-27 | Be like a child in awe of God our Father. Connect with our brother Jesus and praise together with the Son the glory of our Father. Take comfort in the loving goodness of our heavenly parent. 

Jul 16 Thursday: Mt 11:28-30 |Trust your worries and concerns to Jesus. Ask others to pray with you. You are not alone. The burdens you carry will lighten and you will experience relief. 

Jul 17 Friday: Mt 12:1-8 | Jesus insisted that the greatest ritual service is the service of human need. It is not himself but his disciples he is defending. They were hungry. Jesus may well be rebuking the Pharisees for enslaving themselves and their fellow men with a host of oppressive regulations.  

Jul 18 Saturday: Mt 12:14-21 | Jesus avoided the political leaders of his day. In Jesus there is the quiet, strong serenity of one who seeks to conquer by love, and not by conflict. With Jesus there came into the world the invitation, not to a nation but to all men, to share in and to accept the love of God.

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