An Easter Message from Fr. Bart

We have never experienced an Easter like this before.

I am the ResurrectionWe have never experienced an Easter like this before.

We have been asked to stay at home, unable to celebrate the Paschal Mystery of our faith – the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ as – a community.

We are also faced with the frightening reality that this pandemic will continue for many more weeks, and our country has witnessed the loss of life in alarming numbers. Many people have lost their jobs, and our economy is suffering. 

The Resurrection of Jesus is a truth we need to hold on to right now! We have to believe that for every Good Friday there is an Easter Sunday ... this is our hope.

Put yourself into the place of the Apostles on the evening of Good Friday; apparent failure loomed very large. Not only was the Lord dead and buried, but they were holed up in a locked room, fearing for their lives. Where were all the miracles now? What did all the beautiful words of Jesus mean now?

It seemed like God had abandoned their cause; exposed it for a naive dream. At this time, we can feel like them, too: fearful and anxious, maybe not in the sense that the Lord had left us but wondering, what will the future look like. We face the anxiety and uncertainty as to when will this end. Will we ever return to normalcy? When will be able to experience life as it was? These are real fears. 

But Easter Sunday has dawned and with it, the irreversible victory of the Resurrection. The tomb is empty. The stone overturned. The shadow of the cross is dispelled by the bright light of a new creation.

Christ’s apparent failure has blossomed into victory. From this, we can learn and experience the basic pattern of Christian Life: Apparent failures blossoming into victories, Good Fridays turning into Easter Sundays.

As we follow Jesus Christ, he leads us up to the hill of Calvary, where we die to ourselves in the painful surrender to God’s will – our own Good Fridays. But that death in fact gives God’s grace room to work in our lives so that we sprout new shoots of wisdom, virtue, and happiness – our own Easter Sundays. 

We are facing a Good Friday with this pandemic. Life will most likely be quite different from what we experienced before. We might not know exactly what is coming; but, instead of despair, we can be filled with hope.

This Good Friday experience can help us to appreciate and understand what is important in life. If we accept and adapt to the rhythm of Christian life:  Good Friday – Easter Sunday ... Good Friday – Easter Sunday, we finally begin to speed forward along the road to wisdom, holiness, and lasting fulfillment. This is the fundamental lesson of the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ. ... He is Risen! Let us be filled hope! 

I wish all of you a Blessed and Peaceful Easter. – Fr. Bart                                                                                                                                       


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