Fourth Sunday of Lent Homily by Fr. Bart

Jesus gives the Man born Blind two wonderful and priceless gifts - Gospel Reading for the Fourth Sunday of Lent

Jesus gave the man born blind, the subject of this week’s Gospel reading, two wonderful and priceless gifts.

The first was the joy of physical sight. Can you imagine being blind from birth? From the day he was born, this man hadn’t enjoyed the beauty of creation, the subtle beauty of expression on people’s faces, the look of love and tenderness of his mother’s gaze. Everything he had known by words, sound, and touch suddenly came alive. He now enjoyed the awe-inspiring world of human experience!

The second gift was spiritual sight, the gift of faith. He was able to recognize and see God in Jesus. He was so filled with gratitude and awe that he fell down and worshiped the Lord. This gift was more even important than physical sight. He had to undergo some ridicule and questioning by the Pharisees who even threw him out of the synagogue. But Jesus found him and he asked Jesus to show him the “Son of Man," that is, the Messiah. All Jesus had to say was that this man was looking at Him.

At that moment the man enjoyed spiritual sight when he made his act of faith: “I do believe!”

We also have received two priceless gifts from God. We enjoy natural life, to be alive, and supernatural life – the friendship of God we enjoy by reason of our baptism. The question is, which do we value more? Do we put Christ first? Do we put faith, our relationship with the Lord in second place? It can be hard to keep our priorities straight when we experience the pleasures and sometimes the challenges of our natural life which can upstage our supernatural life. 

We will be especially challenged in the next few weeks, maybe months, to keep our faith alive and strong without the Eucharist, the opportunity to encounter the Lord in Holy Communion, His Body and Blood every week, because of a pandemic.

Maybe this will help us appreciate the wonderful gift we have in the Mass, the Real Presence of Jesus in our community, the Scriptures, and the Bread and Wine. Our faith will be challenged but we, like the blind man, need to ask the Lord to show us His Presence in our lives and to strengthen our faith by His love.

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