The Scrutinies, Lent, Fish Dinners and Children

The journey toward Easter

We are now three weeks into the Lenten season, a time for spiritual growth and renewal for all of us, a time for deepening our commitment to our Catholic faith, and most important, a deeper communion of love with God.


This weekend is a special weekend for a young lady and two men - Sydney, Frank and Laurence - who have been preparing for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) at Holy Cross since last fall. Earlier this month, they affirmed their intention to join the Catholic church at the Rite of Election with Bishop Burbidge as presider. 

This Sunday they continue on their journey as we as a parish celebrate the Scrutinies, a rite of self-searching and repentance. The Scrutinies take place at Mass on the three middle Sundays of Lent. For the Scrutinies, our Scripture readings will come from Cycle A rather than the usual readings for this year.

One of the most powerful moments of the Scrutinies is how they begin. After the homily, the Elect are invited to come forward with their sponsors and to kneel. Then, the whole assembly is invited to pray for them in silence, asking God to protect them and heal them in the weeks ahead. The period of silent prayer is followed by intercessions that we pray aloud together for the Elect. This is a beautiful way for the church community to provide support for those seeking Baptism into the church – and to deepen our own commitment to our Catholic faith. 

A dozen or so of our parishioners have included the Stations of the Cross on Friday evenings and our Wednesday evening Scriptures and Soup program as part of their Lenten journey. All are welcome to join them for the remaining weeks of Lent. 

March 4 might be a perfect time to introduce children to the Stations of the Cross. The KC's are hosting one of their Lenten Fish Dinner nights at Holy Cross, beginning a 5 PM that evening. Bring the children for a meal, then stay for the Stations. Deacon Phil said he would be glad to talk with the children about the Stations and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, so that they can understand better about this special prayer time.

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